Entry #22

Two hundred fans :D (plus a little announcement)

2017-07-19 14:32:54 by MoMoIrO-kun

Hey everyone :D

I've noticed that I've got a whopping second hundred fans, and I just can't help but notice that.

Unfortunately, I'm about to have an obligatory trip to a relative in less than a week, and the stay over there would go on for two weeks or so, which means I won't be able to do much until the beginning of next month or so.

Still, two weeks of the trip (and several days before it) sound like enough time to come up with something spectacular of an idea for a 200 fan special of sort, since even without the equipment, I can still sketch on paper xD.

So, long story short, I've decided to create somewhat of a rhythm-based hentai MV, like the Joey flash I (re)made a while ago, except this time it would be more than just a graphical rehash of someone else's work.

With that being said, I'd also like to mention that I'm going to basically revamp my Patreon, since it didn't go too well since the last time I announced it. It will have different tiers, rewards and whatnot, and it would also happen after I'm back from the trip.

So, that's it for now ;)


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