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Not too shabby for the first game :D

I would like to say that the anatomy could be slightly better (mostly the body/torso), and the cumming scene doesn't seem to show as much climax as it could in my opinion. I don't mind the small selection of action since it's supposed to be a simple game as I see it.

One issue I had though was starting the game with 'Tab', which only seems to work whenever it feels like it (usually it just selects another element on the page instead of doing something in the game itself).

Still, I do see some potential, and I hope to see more cool stuff from you in the future ;)

HPop responds:

Thanks for taking the time to actually give CC! You are correct that this was supposed to be pretty simple, to me it is a proof of concept for a zone style H game (of course not even close to the same quality). Overall I got only .5 less than the score I expected and twice the views, as well as a donation on my patreon (already!! :O)
So this is concept proven!
I think I will be able to improve on the next one in every way you mentioned and more. Thank you very much for the support!

Not too bad of a game, but it'd be very helpful if it had more FPS (frames per second)


OS parodies used to be funnier than this...
(I have made a few myself :P)

vladimirdabic responds:

Do not worry tomorrow Comes an OS Update Check the game out after 10:00 pm in the morning

Really nice and original :D

All it needs is better graphics :P

Hello. I simply came here to make hentai stuff and show it to people. And to find fame and fans, of course >:3 Rawr

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